Partnership Benefits 

Pulse Power was created with partners in mind. We have five separate brands in Texas, so there is no channel conflict with third-party sales and house brands. No antiquated legacy systems here. Starting fresh, we picked the best tech, processes, and vendors in order to ensure an incredible customer experience.  


Operational Efficiency 

Our team's high-quality billing accuracy and timeliness


Powerful Growth

Proactive approach gives you business opportunities  


Responsive Team

Quick contract creation and post-sale service 


Expert Advice 

We guide you through every challenge with expertise on topics 


Empowered Decisions

See data and transact in real time 



Custom Approach

 Enjoy a dedicated point of contract and a range of energy plan options 

Flexible Compensation

No two sales channels are alike, so why be tied to just one compensation plan? Pulse offers multiple payment options for upfront and residual commissions.

Innovative Products

Thermostats, air filters, LED lighting, HVAC audits, time-of-use rates, and even crypto-currency: Pulse Power will have it all.